The future of the Multi-DApp ecosystem is here, a Revoluzion! Full-on DApp integration including our Play-to-Earn web-based NFT game, Apocalypse. We are the only smart choice for your investment!

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Smart Contract :


Audit :

Audit :


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Revoluzion Ecosystem Projects


Revoluzion Project

The future of the Multi-DApp ecosystem is here, a Revoluzion! Full-on DApp integration including our Play-to-Earn web-based NFT game, Apocalypse. We are the only smart choice for your investment!

Revoluzion Website

Luzion Protocol

The future of Protocol of Dual Reward with Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding & BUSD Reflection all together! The first ever to have lowest buy tax protocol with proper security measures.

Luzion Protocol Website

Apocalypse NFT Gaming

The Apocalypse Play-To-Earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain. Players are able to recruit their heroes, craft their weapons, wands and shields to fight mobsters and gain level.

Apocalypse Website

A project that you can rely on with actual use case for tokens.

What makes us better?

Open Source

All Revoluzion smart contract and future projects are open source and viewable by the public.

Team & Community Driven

Key to success in any project is not just on community but also on how the team keeps building the project, iteration after iteration.

Transparency / Doxed

Trust is the biggest issue in DeFi space, hence we aim for full transparency including having core team members doxed.


Revoluzion and future ecosystem projects are all decentralized and open to public including transactions and more.

About Revoluzion

Revoluzion (RVZ) is a DeFi token built on the efficient Binance Smart Chain. Our vision is to deliver multiple fully-integrated dApps that provide maximum utility: dashboard for monitoring token and investors analytics, a multi-function portfolio viewer, decentralized exchange swap with an integrated chart, buy order & sell limit and more to be integrated in the near future.

Our Mission

Revoluzion and all its projects are built in perpetuity, meaning that there will always be updates and new developments. We will release various Play-to-Earn NFT games such as Apocalypse, a new server-based engine game using RVZ & APOC tokens as in-game currency.

We will develop additional dApp’s as well as Smart Contracts for 3rd party consumption. We are constantly evolving and there will be many more platforms developed in the future!

Our Story

Revoluzion was first conceptualized in the early part of 2021 by the founder, Zackri Muizz. His vision for Revoluzion is to revolutionize the DeFi cryptocurrency network through the creation of multiple ecosystems and projects that push the boundaries of what is possible. Revoluzion has been established and is powered by a strong team consisting of 12 members and growing.

The team consists of highly skilled individuals from all disciplines including Solidity Dev, Graphic Design, Web Dev, Artwork Sketch, Security Engineering, Social Media Engineering and many more.


Revoluzion core team members, a team that you can always rely upon!

Our Team

Nur Phoebe

Advertising Lead

Nur Phoebe is the advertising lead responsible for digital advertising including and not limited to social media digital ads


Social Media / Content Lead

Han is the social media and content lead responsible for all Revoluzion social media projects and associated content including audio and video, and associated copyrights


Founder / Head of Operations

Zack is the founder and head of operations for Revoluzion overlooking all aspects of the program.

Nizar Syahmi

Full Stack Solidity / dApp Developer

Nizar Syahmi is the primary full stack Solidity and dApp developer for all Revoluzion ecosystem projects


China Community Lead

Jasz is the China community lead for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for language translations as well as the structure of the community groups


Game Tech Support

Alan is the game tech support for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for managing all ticket support and anything related to gaming


Malaysia Community Lead

Syawal is the Malaysia community lead for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for language translations as well as the structure of the community groups


Game Tech Support

Rizwan is the game tech support for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for managing all ticket support and anything related to gaming


Cyber Security Lead

Firdaus is the lead cyber security for Revoluzion and all future projects.  He handles all security and data analytics


Graphic Designer Lead

Najmi is the lead graphics designer for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for 3d artwork and designs including video, NFT frames and website designs


Artwork Sketch Designer Lead

Ubai is the artwork sketch designer leading all the artwork and sketch designs for apocalypse and all future projects


Marketing / Community Lead

Pozan is the marketing and community lead for all Revoluzion projects, he is responsible for the structure of our community groups

Check out our team video 

A short video introduction to our team members and a glimpse into a typical team meeting!

Team Members Introduction



Audit Certificate

Revoluzion Implements an interesting feature. It contains an additional dividend layer that rewards the users that hold many tokens which is Diamond Hand Smart Contract. The Smart Contract analysis reported no compiler error or critical issues.

The contract Owner can access some admin functions that can not be used in a malicious way to disturb the users' transactions. There is also a limit of max 15% fees. The audit focuses on performance improvements, security notes and business logic concerns.


More than a typical crypto dApp

The aim is to revolutionize the integration of as many DeFi apps as possible

More than a typical dashboard

Investors of Revoluzion are able to monitor all their holdings, total rewards, diamond hand analytics and more. Non holders are able to monitor RVZ current supply, burned supply, price etc.

Buy / Sell Limit Order

Revoluzion has spent significant time and effort to create a seamless buy/sell limit order that allows you to place limit orders with ease. All dApps are able to be utilized from almost any device.


Users are able to use our portfolio dApp to view their holdings from a broad list of BEP20 tokens, including functionality to view contract addresses, number of tokens held, current price, 24-hour price % changes and more!

100% Secure Wallet

Revoluzion aims to provide connections to multiple wallets for our users.  Users are able to utilize a variety of wallet connections on a wide variety of devices with utmost security using Moralis Authentication for sign-in

DEX Swap / Chart

All users are able to use our DEX swap / chart to swap any BEP20 tokens from Pancakeswap pool. All projects under Revoluzion will have the tokens listed automatically for ease of trading.

Token Distribution

Revoluzion token distribution are simple and straightforward.  At launch, we burned 40% of the supply and we will continue to burn tokens gradually over time.  All tokens held in liquidity are locked and vested until the year 2025, ensuring that the project is safe and secured.

There are no unlocked tokens, and the liquidity pool is locked for 2 years, ensuring an extremely secure project!

Fully automated and secured

0% unlocked tokens and team tokens vested



We believe that investors should be rewarded for holding their tokens instead of simply waiting and hoping for the price to pump. We have implemented two separate rewards pools for our holders. 5% of our total tax on transactions is redistributed to all holders in the form of BUSD dividends, and 2% of our total tax is reserved for Diamond Hand BUSD rewards, distributed equally to everyone holding 1 million tokens or more on a weekly basis.

Additionally, 1% of the tax will be used for buy-back & burn to deflate supply and increase the value of the token. 2% of the tax goes to liquidity, and the remaining 2% goes to the team & marketing making up a total of 12% tax.

Buy Back & Burn

1 %


2 %

Marketing / Ecosystem

2 %

Diamond Hand Rewards

2 %

Dividend Rewards

5 %

Deflationary system, supply becomes scarce over time

Hard coded 15% max tax onto smart contract

Built on a robust and powerful platform

Future development will include multiple dApps for users to enjoy!  Revoluzion aims to empower users with an all-in-one dashboard with a ton of useful features!

Free to use for all users

Fast and fully optimize

Moralis encryption secured sign-in


Diamond hand rewards

2% of every buy/sell transaction will be deposited into the diamond hand smart contract.  Investors that hold and maintain 1 million or more tokens will be eligible for a special diamond hand reward!  Selling or buying does not forfeit eligibility if the wallet always maintains at least 1 million tokens.

The smart contract does full automation on deploying the dividends, setting the start and cycle dates including ensuring removing and adding eligibility of holders into the smart contract itself.

Fully automated and secured

The first fully automated Diamond Hand smart contract ever!


Get RVZ token, today.
Earn BUSD rewards!

Investors are rewarded for holding RVZ tokens in their wallet!  Why get nothing while sitting and waiting and watching the charts for a token to pump when you can be earning?  5% of every RVZ buy/sell transaction gets rerouted back to holders in the form of BUSD dividends, just hold and earn BUSD in perpetuity simply for holding!

Investors that are holding 1 million RVZ tokens or more will receive a share of the Diamond Hand rewards! 



Revoluzion project roadmap, timeline are extremely important in assuring the development continues without delays.

August 2021

  • Conceptualization of Revoluzion Token
  • Projection on Revoluzion Token

  • September 2021

  • Extensive research and recruitment of team members
  • Conceptualization of Apocalypse Token
  • Conceptualization of future ecosystem projects

  • October 2021

  • Extensive research on web based NFE NFT games
  • Deployment of project workflow
  • Deployment of project structure and timeline

  • November 2021

  • Additional recruitment of team members
  • Development of smart contract
  • Development of website
  • Development of social media platforms

  • December 2021

  • Development of the dApp / Dashboard
  • Deployment of the whitepaper
  • Marketing on leading social media platforms
  • Creation of launchpad on pinksale and whitelist program
  • Presale launchpad & pancakeswap launch
  • Marketing and advertising on major listing platforms
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko (we got listed within 30 mins)

  • January 2022

  • Development of NFT web base game called Apocalypse
  • Kick start on the NFT game artwork and design revisions
  • Development of Apocalypse game GitBook / YouTube tutorials
  • Development of Apocalypse whitepaper
  • Weekly AMAs set up on Telegram Group
  • Development and integration of wallet portfolio
  • Development and integration of DEX Swap / chart

  • February 2022

  • Deployment of Apocalypse Token Whitepaper
  • Deployment of Apocalypse whitelist program
  • Deployment of Revoluzion Website V2
  • Deployment of digital advertising
  • Adjustment and upgrades on game mechanism and structure
  • Two weeks of hackathon on Apocalypse game
  • Deployment of Apocalypse Smart Contracts
  • Testing revisions and vulnerabilities security test
  • Deployment of NFT Airdrops to RVZ holders
  • Deployment of Apocalypse game for beta test on testnet
  • Deployment of Apocalypse presale launchpad on PinkSale
  • Launch of Apocalypse Token on Pancakeswap and Launch of Apocalypse Game

  • March 2022

  • Two-day hackathon and game evaluation to test security for exploits
  • Major marketing roll out with major influencers
  • Launch of Apocalypse tournament challenge
  • Mass Advertising for Apocalypse game including digital advertising
  • Revision and upgrades on Apocalypse Game

  • April 2022

    • Research and development of future ecosystem projects
    • Upgrades on current Revoluzion dApps
    • Upgrades on Apocalypse game dApp
    • Deployment of additional Revoluzion dApps
    • Deployment of Luzion Protocol project
    • Deployment of Revoluzion dApp V3

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