The blockchain is revolutionizing the way companies conduct business. However, there are still several challenges that need to be addressed. Our company seeks to overcome these challenges by developing a comprehensive suite of tools and services to support the complete lifecycle of a blockchain project by auditing smart contracts.

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How Revoluzion Audit Works?

Code Review and Static Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the Solidity codebase to identify potential security risks and ensure that the code adheres to established best practices for smart contract development. This may include using automated tools for static analysis, as well as manual review by Revoluzion experienced smart contract developers.

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Revoluzion team members will conduct a thorough manual review of the contract's functionality to ensure that it operates as intended and adheres to the specified requirements. This may involve testing the contract in a simulated environment and verifying that it behaves as expected under a variety of different scenarios such as creation of presale, finalizing pool, auto liquidity functions etc.

Dynamic Analysis

Conducting a series of tests on the contract in a simulated environment to identify potential vulnerabilities that may not be detectable through static analysis or manual review. This may involve creating scenarios that mimic real-world conditions and executing the contract under these conditions to uncover any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Audit Report

Preparing a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the audit, including any identified vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and providing actionable recommendations for addressing these issues and improving the contract's overall security and reliability. This report should be presented in a clear and concise manner, outlining the steps that should be taken to address identified issues and mitigate any potential risks

NFT On-Chain Certificate

Our team of experienced auditors will thoroughly audit your project, ensuring that it is free of vulnerabilities and issues. We'll provide a detailed report in just 24 hours at the cost of $300

Revoluzion Audit Services implements an interesting feature whereby all audit certificates are deployed onto our secured Smart Contract ERC721 as an NFT.

It will be exclusive and secured, this helps users to identify the authenticity of any smart contract if it had been audited by us.

$300 USD Onwards Rate Per Audit

Timeline For Audit Completion Within 24 Hours


The Importance Of Audit

Our solution is a blockchain-based auditing service that checks smart contracts to make sure they work as intended. If a vulnerability is found, we will provide you with a detailed report. Our blockchain-based platform also stores all relevant information and data on the contract in an immutable ledger, meaning it can't be tampered or changed in any way.

Blockchain is the new trend in the market today. We are a team of experienced developers that will provide you with the best development experience in blockchain technology. We have experience in blockchain projects for the past 8 years and will help you with any technical issues or questions that you may have and make sure that your project is secure

Discovering Vulnerabilities & Errors

Performance Optimization

Gain Investors Trust With Understandable Audit Report


Smart Contract Reparation

We are blockchain experts with more than 8 years of experience in researching, designing and developing smart contract systems. We have successfully deployed dozens of smart contracts for various purposes. We can restructure parts of the smart contract and optimize it while retaining all functions.

Today, buying tokens on a presale is not as easy as it used to be. With gas settings, smart contracts and possible errors, this is a complex process. Our solution is to make it easier for buyers to buy tokens on presales while ensuring project owners that the smart contract is able to create presales, finalize pool, zero errors and optimize gas settings.

Recode For Presale Capability

Performance & Gas Optimization

Better Restrictions To Gain Investors Trust


Auditing Methodology

Developers are struggling to write the perfect code to implement the perfect smart contract. You need an extra set of eyes, but who has time to do all that testing? Our team of blockchain developers at Revoluzion will audit your smart contract via testnet and make sure it works fully before you deploy it. With our auditing service, you can rest assured that your code is ready for the live blockchain Mainnet!

Once we receive the source codes, we will first run a fully automated test by deploying the Smart Contract on the TestNet and proceed with testing transactions on the Tesnet Blockchain. We will also point out any possible bugs, errors, and risks of the project. Revoluzion security team will then proceed to review all interactions with a risk scale on optimization and vulnerabilities, with errors.

The Revoluzion development team will then proceed by manually reviewing each line of code throughout the entire Smart Contract to detect any additional vulnerabilities, exploitable code, and ensure all logic behind each function is safe and secured from any possible attacks.


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