Revoluzion provides multiple function dApps to accommodate your project type. DApp is highly crucial for tokens that provides dividend, rebase and games.

DApp provides many beneficial metadata to your holders and future investors directly on the dApp itself.

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What makes us better?

Open Source

All Revoluzion dApp created by us will include a full GitHub repository for our customers. You will be able to review the codes and adjust whenever you need.

Increase Publicity

Blockchain-powered dApps for investors are an integral part of any successful project. If a platform doesn't have a reliable dApp, then there's a higher chance that investors will lose interest. We're building the next-generation of dApps for users with 100% security, full transparency, and quick access to information at all times.

Revoluzion API Endpoints

Revoluzion provide an API endpoint to allow clients to easily integrate their data with our system. The API is hosted in the client's server, which eliminates the need for an external dependency, making it extremely robust and secured.

Direct Web3 Connection

Revoluzion utilizes direct Web3 interaction for all read, or pull, functions to ensure the lowest possible latency. This means that users will not experience any issues when loading the dApp.

NFT On-Chain DApp Certificate

Revoluzion Decentralized App Services implements an interesting feature whereby all DApp certificates are deployed onto our secured Smart Contract ERC721 as an NFT.

This on-chain certificate will help individual users as well as businesses to identify and authenticate all verified DApps. This helps to secure the authenticity of any DApp to ensure that it was developed by our team.

$500 USD Rate Per Ready Made DApp

Timeline For Deployment 24-48 Hours


Ready Made Or Customize To Your Needs

Revoluzion has ready-made dApps deployable within hours for our customers. We also offer custom dApps development at competitive prices. With us, you can expect a top quality service with user-friendly support and the best prices in the industry.

With our Ready-made DApps, you get a product that is already built, highly functional and scalable. You can customize the color theme, logos, and such to suite your project's theme. These ready-made DApps are a great way to extend your project and save time.

Your decentralized applications will be fast, scalable and easy to use. With a single line of code you can use our API endpoints to pull almost all data possible onto the dApp

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Built On A Powerful Platform

Revoluzion strives for heightened security. For custom made dApps, clients are able to opt for Moralis on all written and signed functions. This ensures your users data, wallets, and logins are extremely secure when interacting.

Revoluzion develops all dApps utilizing NextJS typescript coding and our own Revoluzion API endpoints to pull almost all data possible onto the dApp. For both ready made and customize dApps will utilize direct web3 connection.

Ready-made dApps are deployable approximately 24 hour time frame, while custom dApps deployment time will depend on the logic and complexity of it. Contact any of our team members to get your dApp today!


Supported Chain


Binance Smart Chain






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