How To get Started

We understand that decentralized finance and exchanged are quite overwhelming and confusing for newcomers, and we are here to help you get started! Below is a guide with step by step procedures on how to get from fiat currency all the way into cryptocurrency.

To learn more, feel free to check out Revoluzion Academy's full guide in the security section, knowledge base, and research.


1st Step : Wallet

Before getting started, the first thing you will require is a DeFi wallet. Central Exchange wallets do not work on DEX (decentralized exchange), there are multiple wallets you could choose from, however, we strongly suggest to use either MetaMask, SafePal or Trust Wallet.

Metamask is good for both PC and Mobile users who are also advanced, or developers, and requires a connection to bscscan for example.

SafePal is the best for mobile users who wants the ease to utilize their wallet frequently. SafePal also has additional features such as the ability to view current data of transactions in and out of wallet (receiving dividend for example), and can also connect to a hardware wallet which is extremely secure (requires purchasing the device).

Click Here To Download Metamask

Click Here To Download Safepal


Step 2 : Convert Your Fiat!

Now you've got your wallet all set up, you will require to get some native coin which in this case will be BNB BEP20 as we are running on the Binance Smart Chain BEP20 Network.

There are two ways to get BNB, one is from Binance central exchange via P2P which is procedure intense while having to further transfer out your BNB to your newly created DeFi wallet etc.

Easiest way would be to use our OnRamper Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway itself, it is much quicker, easier and hassle free.

Click Here To Open OnRamper


Step 3 : Time To Swap For RVZ!

Now you've got BNB in your wallet, you can now swap the BNB for RVZ, APOC or even LZN.

Main reason to get BNB first, instead of directly purchasing our tokens via OnRamper, is due to every transaction from approval, swap and more requires BNB and without the BNB you will not be able to perform any tasks.

Click on the link below to the swap page, select the desired amount you want to buy in Tokens, click approve (for first time users), once approved, click swap and you are done! You now you have the tokens in your wallet.

Click Here To Load Swap Page!