KYC or also known as 'Know Your Customer' is the process of identity verification of developer or project teams members. Revoluzion does comprehensive checks and verifies the identity of the project team members who submits their KYC. (Coming Soon!)
Request For KYC!

How Revoluzion KYC Works?

Snap A Photo Of The ID

Veriff will asks the user to snap a photo of their identity document. We’ll guide them through the entire process with real-time feedback and it can even identify the document type so users don’t have to pick from a list.

Take A Selfie

User is asked to take a selfie and Veriff lets them know right away if there’s something wrong. With Assisted Image Capture, the user is guided through the entire process. Whether the image is too dark or bright, has a glare, or the data is obstructed — Veriff prompts the user to make adjustments.

Transparency / Doxed

The data is sent to Veriff and the AI-powered identity verification technology provides a decision in a matter of seconds, based on the identity checks algorithm process in real time analysis.

All Done Within A Minute!

User is now KYCed by Revoluzion, with the KYC Badge and NFT Certificate provided. Potential investors will now have a peace of mind knowing the project created by user is known by the Veriff System while still keeping the team identity anonymously from the public.

Utilizing A Robust And Secured System

Revoluzion uses Veriff system to ensure a highly accurate and very secure process. KYC is crucial to ensure true identity of the project ownership. Which, in return, builds trust among potential investors and community members.

Revoluzion KYC system has the ability to cover over 10k official IDs, in over 190 countries and 45 languages. Veriff is also compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

Free For Projects That Utilize Custom Smart Contract Services

State-Of-The-Art Validation Algorithms

Safe And Secured Data Confidentiality


NFT On-Chain KYC Certificate

Revoluzion KYC Services implements an interesting feature whereby all KYC'ed certificates are deployed onto our secured Smart Contract ERC721 as an NFT.

It will be exclusive and secured, this helps users to identify the authenticity of any project if it had been KYC'ed by us.

$200 USD Rate Per KYC

KYC Process Completes Within 5 Minutes