Revoluzion is a revolutionary new idea that is looking to expand worldwide. With the referral program, you can now receive BUSD rewards by referring us! All you need to do is share our services with your friends and family or everyone, and we'll reward you for every person who signs up with Revoluzion services.
Join The Referral Group!

How Does It Work?

Fairly simple! All you have to do is join Revoluzion Army group and get in touch with one of the Revoluzion team members. After doing so, we will require your email and telegram user handle ID. Once verified, we will proceed to provide you a specific code for you to utilize for referrals.

As for referral via purchasing our ecosystem projects, you will only be required to provide your code to potential investors and you will receive 1% of total purchased, by the investor, as a reward when your referral code is keyed in during the purchase via swap.

For services clientele, you will be required to create a group with the potential client and invite a Revoluzion Sales Supervisor into the group. Once the sale process is successful, you will receive a certain percentage from the sale depending on the type of sale. Sounds good? Sign up now!