The mission for academy is to spread knowledge and awareness on Decentralized Finance and structure. Revoluzion mission is to revolutionize the industry by spreading knowledge to users with illustrations, videos and documentations as simple as possible.

Estimated deployment of academy course by October 2022

A separate categories to accommodate all type of users.

Academy Categories

Unversed Users

Users who are unversed or new to the DeFi platform, here is where you start.

Project / Developer Users

For amateur project owners / developers who want's to understand setting up launchpad, airdrops, dApp integration etc.

Advanced Users

For advanced users who wants to learn more in depth such as explorer tracing, coding research and more.

Amateur Users

Amateur users who understand the structure and want's to understand better.

About Revoluzion Academy

Revoluzion Academy is a place where users are able to learn and understand decentralized finance on the Binance Smart Chain and all other blockchain technology. We at Revoluzion believe that knowledge is crucial and we aim to provide all accurate knowledge possible to the users and industry.