Revoluzion Verify

Users are able to utilize this page to verify authenticity through the verification check box. Revoluzion verification check is handle by our Smart Contract, extremely secured.

Revoluzion team is highly against anything related to scam as its the destroyer of the community and the crypto industry.


Always utilize the Revoluzion Verification Check to verify authenticity!

Verification Check Centre

Coming Soon!

Please use Revoluzion Verify to check whether the source officially represents of Revoluzion. Payment wallet address, website link, smart contract address, email address, phone number, WeChat ID, Social Media account or Telegram ID / Link.

How Does It Work?

To prevent scams, spoofing, phishing and fake users, Revoluzion utilizes a verification check through a Smart Contract on the Blockchain itself. It is highly secured and impenetrable.

Users are able to utilize this verification check to verify links, community links, emails, telegram, discord handles, etc. Verification will inform users of the authenticity of said users, including their scope in the team, such as mods, sales rep or team member itself.

We strive to ensure all data is as accurate as possible, consistently. However, users are highly welcome to verify any additional authenticity via our Telegram Main Group itself at