Our Mission

Revoluzion is a company that develops products and services for an always-on global digital blockchain economy. Our goal is to create future-proof technologies that are sustainable, profitable, and scalable in the blockchain industry. All of our products and services will be built in perpetuity, meaning that there will always be updates and new developments.

With the growing popularity of Blockchain Technology, it is quickly coming to the forefront of mainstream adoption. With this technology, Revoluzion plan to develop multiple protocols that would help users utilize it autonomously and anonymously, the true decentralization method.

Our Story

Revoluzion was first conceptualized in the early part of 2021 by the founder, Zackri Muizz. His vision for Revoluzion is to revolutionize the Decentralize Finance cryptocurrency network through the creation of multiple ecosystems and projects that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Revoluzion has been established and is powered by a strong team consisting of 15 members and growing. The team consists of highly skilled individuals from all disciplines including Full Stack Solidity Developer, Graphic Design, Web Developer, Artwork Sketch, Security Engineering, Social Media Engineering and many more.

We're a startup company with a mission to revolutionize the blockchain industry. We have multiple services and products in development, with the goal of creating a seamless and safe experience for our customers.

Check out Revoluzion Team Video

A short video introduction to our team members and a glimpse into a typical team meeting!

Team Members Introduction



Revoluzion core team members, a team that you can always rely upon!

Revoluzion Team

Nur Phoebe

Advertising Lead

Nur Phoebe is the advertising lead responsible for digital advertising including and not limited to social media digital ads


Social Media / Content Lead

Han is the social media and content lead responsible for all Revoluzion social media projects and associated content including audio and video, and associated copyrights


Founder / Head of Operations / Front-end Developer

Zack is the founder and head of operations for Revoluzion overlooking all aspects of the team members and front-end development.

Nizar Syahmi

Full Stack Solidity / dApp Developer

Nizar Syahmi is the primary full stack Solidity and dApp developer for all Revoluzion ecosystem projects


China Community Lead

Jasz is the China community lead for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for language translations as well as the structure of the community groups


Game Tech Support

Alan is the game tech support for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for managing all ticket support and anything related to gaming


Head Admin

Syawal is the head admin that handles all documentation and business side for all Revoluzion projects


Game Tech Support

Rizwan is the game tech support for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for managing all ticket support and anything related to gaming


Cyber Security Lead

Firdaus is the lead cyber security for Revoluzion and all future projects.  He handles all security and data analytics


Graphic Designer Lead

Najmi is the lead graphics designer for all Revoluzion projects. He is responsible for 3d artwork and designs including video, NFT frames and website designs


Artwork Sketch Designer Lead

Ubai is the artwork sketch designer leading all the artwork and sketch designs for apocalypse and all future projects


Marketing / Community Lead

Pozan is the marketing and community lead for all Revoluzion projects, he is responsible for the structure of our community groups


ReactJS / Python / Android / iOS Developer

Ayman is the ApiKey developer, ReactJS Native and Android/iOS developer for all Revoluzion ecosystem projects